How does robot-generated advertising work with SpiderAds?

  1. You post a new job vacancy / article / housing / product just as usual, the ad campaign is live.
    You do nothing more than you already do today, the job / article / home is advertised on Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network & Swedish News / feature media. In the location & housing advertising in SpiderAd’s ad software, we can automatically set the last application date / display date as the last ad campaign day.
  2. SpiderAd’s built-in AI optimizes the object campaign in real time. Geographic target group setting is determined together at start-up, then SpiderAd’s built-in AI will optimize the campaign in real time to provide optimal traffic to landing page.
  3. When the last application date / display for the job / home has been or the product is removed, the ad campaign will end & report will be sent to you automatically.
  4. Monthly report
    When the month is over, the manager automatically receives a report on all items’ advertising in the past month by e-mail.

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