October 6

Press release – SpiderAds: The world’s first completely automated banner advertising system

Now you can manage your digital advertising without consultants. Best of all,
reach your customers at their exact map coordinates within a 1 kilometer radius.
In a few seconds!

“We have now launched SpiderAds after several years of needs analysis and development work because marketing departments all the world are crying out for good solutions that help them move local marketing investments from analogue to digital media channels. We set our sights globally starting with Sweden until the end of this year. During 2016 we plan to market globally,”says Andreas Wallenberg, CEO at BI Firm.

SpiderAds is the first advertising tool that makes it possible for you as an advertiser to run hundreds of thousands of hyperlocal micromarketing campaigns in parallel rather than only big, manually placed and purchased campaigns. And that’s all without middlemen.

Always the best price-no negotiations necessary
SpiderAds always offers you the best media rates on the market without needing to negotiate prices. Instead, media ads are purchased digitally without middlemen on world advertising markets. Thus, businesses can now eliminate all consultation fees and instead spend time on creativity, strategy and placing money on buying media ads.

SpiderAds fires at advertising targets’ bulls-eyes
Most brands are moving their marketing investments from traditional media to digital media because that’s where a majority of people consume media. SpiderAds responds to how this transfer is locally targeted. “All big brands with physical stores or outlets are working frantically to find good solutions for moving their advertising from traditional media to digital media. Examples include the retail, grocery and automobile lines of business. The solution to the problem is a tool finding exact map coordinates down to a one kilometer radius that makes local advertising possible. SpiderAds takes the concept of programmatic advertising into a new era,” explains Andreas Wallenberg.

What’s unique about SpiderAds?
Actually, everything about SpiderAds is unique because it’s the world’s first marketing tool for completely automated banner advertising. For example, the software recognizes a new product or an offer on a website, produces advertising, purchases advertising space at the best price, and places advertisements in the media without middlemen in a few seconds. SpiderAds is the first completely automatic advertising tool which offers optimal advertising in the Google Display Network, other big public advertising networks, and the world’s private media houses’ websites in an all in one advertising campaign without middlemen.