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Google Ad Networks

The Google Display Network lets you place ads on a variety of news sites, blogs and other niche sites across the internet
to reach more potential customers.

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Bonnier Ad Network

The Bonnier Ad network is a digital premium network where Bonnier gathers all its brands in a wide ranging mobile and desktop product.

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Aller media

Aller media is Sweden’s leading market player within the popular press. We sell 68 million newspapers annually. We publish some of Sweden’s best known magazine brands.

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BidTheatre’s technology is integrated with the major RTB-enabled sellers of online inventory, giving our users a single point of access to buy millions of ad impressions each second.

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Jajja Media Group

Jajja Communications specializes in delivering much business to its customers through search optimization, sponsored links and conversion services.

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Eurovator is a digital marketing agency which makes marketing profitable. We specialize in measuring, search engines and digital advertising.

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IAB Sverige

The country branch IAB Sverige gathers Sweden’s digital marketing communication businesses and works as an independent and transparent membership organization.

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BI Firm

BI Firm runs development projects within Big Data and business Intelligence. We search constantly for processing improvements in lines of business that do not treat large amounts of digital data optimally.

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