September 18

Jajja and Eurovator merge and establish the Jajja Media Group digital agency

“We complement each other well and offer complete services for customers from strategy, analysis and conversion to SEO (search engine optimization), sponsored links, social media, display advertising and responsive websites,” says Jajja CEO Martin Kellqvist.

“All marketing is becoming digital and it will become even more critical for all businesses to choose the right strategy. Both companies have been operating for a long time and have a great deal of know-how.

We could cherry-pick and create something fantastic with Jajja, Sweden’s biggest SEO actor as well as Eurovator, one of the country’s leading digital agencies,” according to Eurovator CEO Andreas Myrin-Wallenberg.

“Given this merger, we will obtain the resources to continue to be one of the driving forces in our line of business. The joint customer list includes such companies as Hemglass, Löfbergs, Sunbirdie, and PeakPerformance as well as several big interest groups and public agencies. We will expand aggressively with a complete customer offer and thus satisfy even better the customers we have in common,” says Mattias Kellquist.


Mattias Kellquist will be the CEO for the merged company. Andreas Myrin-Wallenberg will be the CEO for BI Firm, the development company which is also part of this new group. BI Firm has developed SpiderAds, the display product that automatically produces display advertising campaigns from customers’ websites. The product will be launched in September 2015 for bigger advertising display buyers on the Swedish market.

Press Contact:

Mattias Kellquist, CEO Jajja Communications AB


Andreas Myrin Wallenberg, CEO Eurovator AB

Jajja Media Group is a merger between the seach engine agency Jajja Communications and the digital agency Eurovator. The company has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Karlstad and Dubai.

Jajja Media Group has 90 employees who daily help nearly 1500 companies to optimize their digital business.